An image from the precipice of departure:

WP_20130205 4

It is strangely the only one we have.  No pictures of hugs with family.  No record of us burdened under our haphazard loads.  Just a guerilla shot of the Toledo train station.  Keeping it real.


What a strange condition; to be simultaneously storing and eliminating possessions while painstakingly researching and procuring, at great expense, so many others.  Certainly, upon our return, we’ll wonder just why we couldn’t live without all this stuff.

The old possessions in storage:


(thank yous to all involved).


And the all of the new possessions, each agonizingly selected:

All gear

All gear


Janine's clothing

Janine’s clothing

Kurt's Clothing

Kurt’s Clothing

It made us long for the simple wisdom of John Muir to simply throw a crust of bread and pound of tea in a rucksack and hop the back fence.  Which camera?! How many socks?! Is there a single computer tablet in the world that doesn’t piss me off in some way?! Should we even take one?!

Yet all this torment and effort has ironically allowed a partial fulfillment of Muir’s romantic ideal; when the frantic moment of departure was upon us, all we could do was fling the amassed heap of gear into our bags and hope for the best as we sprinted out the door.

And so far the only item missing is a notebook.  But I have a sense that there may be a few available out in the world.




A little conditioning against both discomfort and disease while our health insurance is willing to pay for it.
In case you think we got off easy, the arms on the back side of this photo match the front.