Alaska felt too comfortable.  So much so we fell right into old habits of shredding a bathroom and slowly reviving it while partly neglecting the niftiness of being in freakin’ Alaska again.  Indeed, we fit in some truly fantastic experiences but, as I watch Anchorage and the mountains and the mud flats, all blanketed under a fresh layer of white, quickly slide out of view in the airplane window, I am struck with a regret that we didn’t go adventure every moment of every day.

Given enough time, patterns will form no matter the activity.  Probably if we had adventured every day we, and our hosts, would have regretted shredding the bathroom and not ever finishing it.

The "before" Anchorage bathroom.  Yes, that is carpet.

The “before” Anchorage bathroom. Yes, that is carpet.

The "after" Anchorage bathroom.

The “after” Anchorage bathroom.

The "after" Anchorage bathroom. And a round of huzzahs for Knut for building a fabulous custom vanity.

The “after” Anchorage bathroom. And a round of huzzahs to Knut for building a fabulous custom vanity.

When we first departed Michigan, I recall a sensation of concern mixed with shock mixed with disbelief.  Now well over a month “on the road” and it’s all subsided into a pleasant but unexpected and nearly unsettling comfort.  We are at last going places we’ve never been (Hawai’i), but to be greeted and housed by people whom we know and to perform tasks with which we are all too familiar: another bathroom remodel.  I fear the only difference will be in the scenery and the layers of clothing required.

Call this my commitment to busting out of our comfort zone.  Perhaps we shall learn to surf.

Now, as we venture forth, I shall like to ask a habit-creating question of our small band of readers: what activity or pose or object is worthy of a photo in every country?  Would you like to see the beds? The doors?  Every outrageous meal? Every bizarre mode of transportation?  Perhaps a hug from a local?  It would be ideal to have the photo mandate require us to stretch our comfort levels; in my quest to master the handstand, should I force myself to snapshot it in every country?

In essence, what image says the most about a country? Or about us?

11 thoughts on “Stasis

  1. To see photos of you in the environments enjoying your adventures! I’m living vicariously through you! What is unusual, landscapes, people’s faces, food, crops, costume, weather.

  2. I’m always snapping unusual or unique signs.
    Like a meat shop with a Cow as a sign or local signs with a saying on it, that kind of thing.
    :) Glad things are going well

  3. I’d like to see markets and grocers, pets, and school-children.
    I think those are good cross-section representations of the similarities and differences in each place.

  4. I love the bathroom remodel, if Schawna is now the new owner of that bathroom, AWESOME!!!! I’ll have to come visit it.

    I think you should take a picture of every bedroom to manage to get . You don’t have to share all of them, but it would be cool to have.
    Food is always cool and I like the sign idea someone had. Go see the Hobbits in NZ.. LOL

  5. Your feet. Wherever your feet go, you should take a picture of them. Sand, water, horse poop, propped up on a log, new shoes you had to buy because you lost one in a cave.

    I think your feet should be a focus because if you spend too much time looking around, then you might forget to check to see if our shoe is untied…and then trip. But, I want to see pictures if that too, especially if Kurt falls. That would be funny!

    • This might just be a brilliant idea. And we are well on our way in the collection already: Kurt tormented Bill with pics of feet on beaches all thru Hawaii.

  6. Trade hats in every country, and post a picture of you or Kurt wearing the new hat. But, do not buy hats. Trade with a stranger. That way each hat tells a story.

    • But I like my hat! It’s the only one that fits over this ever-enlarging hair. Maybe Kurt can be convinced to try; we got his hat from lost and found at Power Center.
      Is this something you’ve tried?

  7. Malaika took pictures of manhole covers in Japan. Pictures of things the locals consider mundane but which are different from what we’re used to would be good. I really like the feet idea.

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