Kurt and Janine Thoma: just a haggard old married couple traveling around the world.

 In the theater where we met.
In the theater where we met.

We hail from the world of theatre, Janine as a lighting and scenic designer and Kurt as a sound man and backstage manager.  In true team effort, we remodel houses in our spare time and travel whenever we can afford it.  But we had become stagnant and a little bored in our careers and became ready to discover what to be when we grow up, and growing up was biologically necessary if we were going to procreate before getting old.

Six years were spent saving and finishing our own home remodel in Michigan so its sale could fund the best career counselor we could think of – a world trip.  In a sort of extended Gap year, we will spend two or so years (or as long as the money lasts), travelling to every region of the world in a quest to figure out what ignites our passions and what we might like to do for the rest of our lives.  We will attempt to stretch the funds by working, couch-surfing, and yacht-crewing everywhere possible while hitting places in shoulder seasons. We are leaving the comfort of dependable income and insurance, 401(k) and familiar faces to pursue a hopefully richer experience, one a little less predictable and with some new lessons to be learned.

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  1. Hey, you are not writing enough! Stop exploring and bury your head in a computer somewhere. How is the Big Apple, anyway?

    • Just to appease you, I’m skipping Alaskan big band jazz tonight to bury my head in this computer and write a post. But also I’m out of practice with drinking and need a rest.
      The Big Apple is still bustling along, despite the new snow (though I question the footwear choices of many of its residents). I don’t think we could ever live with their insane pace of life, but it’s a lovely feast for the senses in small doses.

  2. I had the priveledge to meet a couple this evening on my plane ride way up north to Alaska. Usually I lean back put in my ear plugs for I have a grueling journey and 24 hour awake time ahead. Tonight was different, about the only thing that could keep me up would be something as interesting as hearing about how a couple is going to be spending the next two years traveling the world. I was inquisitive as they were about my journeys back and forth from the arctic north to work in the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield.

    They seem bright eyed and definetley taking a leap, but the large leap was already made. Giving up possessions and already on a plane into the beginning of the adventure of their lives. Jealousy strikes me why don’t I do this, why didn’t I. Many of us never will, and may only hope and wonder. They are a couple determined and as much as they long for the adventure they are taking as much as they can from the people meet and their experiences as well. That’s all I got, may you have safe journeys and bring back your experience to share with us all.

    Guy on the plane to AK

    • Mike, you are definitely the most educational and entertaining a seatmate we’ve ever experienced. I, too, normally ignore the stranger with whom I’m bumping elbows, but you are just too damn interesting to let sleep. You gave us marvelous insights into worlds we’ve never seen. You might think a big world trip is THE adventure to lust after, but lucrative work on the edge of nowhere Alaska and flying helicopters is hardly mundane.
      Hopefully our paths cross again, by chance or by force. If you’re in Anchorage with any time to kill this month, please give us a shout. But, if nothing else, you can be sure we’re doing part of this trip for you now.

    • Mike…congratulations! You have met our wonderful, talented, inquisitive… son and daughter-in-law! Your life as well as theirs has been blessed.

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